Beach Q & A

The Rockport Beach hours of operation are 6am to 11pm on Sunday thru Thursday and 6am to 12pm on Friday and Saturday.




Is there a fee to enter the Rockport Beach?  Yes, there is a daily $5 or $15 annual vehicle parking fee. There is no charge to enter by foot, bicycle, or if you are towing a boat or boat trailer to go to the public boat ramp.





Are dogs (animals) permitted in the Rockport Beach? No, we're sorry, but dogs are not permitted inside the beach since it is a bird sanctuary.  However, dogs are permitted on a leash at a small beach area just outside the entrance to the Rockport Beach.





Is there a location for picnicking? Yes, there are 61 individual picnic sites spread throughout the Rockport Beach.  Each site has a covered picnic table with barbeque grill.  These sites are first come/first serve.






Is there a playground for children? Yes, there are several playground/swing sites along the beachfront.






Is overnight camping permitted inside the Rockport Beach? No, overnight camping is not permitted in the Rockport Beach.






Is fishing permitted inside the Rockport Beach? Yes, fishing is permitted just about anywhere, including a popular 800 foot pier at the North end of the beach.  Two off-limit fishing sites are the boat dock and the Saltwater pool. 






Is sailing permitted? Yes and NO!  Wind powered watercraft are not permitted in Little Bay, which is often congested with water skiers and jet ski's during the summer months.  However, sail boats, sail boarding, and other wind powered activities are permitted on the Aransas Bay side of the Beach. 


Please observe the following Rules during your visit to the Rockport Beach:

  •   No littering
  •   No glass containers
  •   No animals/dogs/pets
  •   No overnight camping
  •   Fires in BBQ pits ONLY
  •   No fireworks
  •   Obey all traffic signs
  •   Respect all designated bird areas



Should you encounter any problems during your visit to the Rockport Beach please call Keith Barrett, ACND Harbor Master at

(361) 385-0525 or Sam Ramos, Superintendent at (361) 385-0524.